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How to Do Your Own Air-conditioning Servicing in Singapore?

In case you are a frequent user of cooling system at home, you will understand and how hot the weather in Singapore could be at times. At the point when you have an air-conditioner system in your home or office, regular air-conditioning servicing is an unquestionable requirement. If you are thinking to save on money and would like to skip the aircon service in Singapore, then you will want to know how to do your own basic aircon servicing in Singapore. It is important to maintain your air-conditioning system regularly so that it will operate at its finest.

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There are jobs that can be effortlessly done by you for general cleaning and servicing. It may seems that regular maintenance is simple, however, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration which are obtain through skills and experience over the years. It is also important that you have the necessary basic skills and tools to perform the job. Below, we will go through some tips for performing air-conditioning servicing in Singapore on your own.


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The air-conditioning ducts of your air-conditioner plays a significant job in keeping your home clean. With the increase in utilization of your unit, there would be a build-up of residue, dirt and even bacteria that you can’t see with bare eyes. Along these lines, when you are performing servicing for your air-conditioning unit in Singapore, you ought not to disregard it and should service the duct in your air-conditioning system as well. Make sure to clean the channels on a frequent basis to keep it clean and able to function properly. It is additionally a decent alternative to call experts regularly to clean the air-conditioning system for you, so they could conduct checks as well.

Condenser Fan

Other than cleaning your outdoor unit, it is also important to service and clean your fan on a regular basis as well. If you happen to be busy and have not been cleaning your air-conditioning system for a long time, at that point there can be common air-conditioning issues that could surface and it could cost you a to get it repaired.  Hence, it is recommended to get your dirt, dust and residue cleaned from the condenser fan with appropriate tools and equipment.

Clean the condenser coils

The air-conditioner coil should always be serviced and kept clean at all times. However, before you begin to start working on the job, it is always good to take some safety precautions on your own such as ladders and safety equipment. One mistake could lead to hazard that will risk you or your family lives. You would alwso require an industrial cleaning equipment to clean the system well appropriately. You will then start the procedure of cleaning the coils and always remember to wear a safety globes as well so that you will not be infected by those dirt and bacteria, especially if you are having sensitivity medical issues, it will prevent you from getting contaminated by it.


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Check the level of refrigerant coolant

Under ordinary circumstance, you will not experience refrigerant problems, however, this is subject to different users due to the complexity of the air-conditioning system. Different homeowners would face different issues. Thus, you should still check the level of your refrigerant coolant as you never know whether there are any problems such as leaking occurs that could affect you as well as the environment.


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Lubricating the air-conditioning system

The air-conditioning system works like an engine where it is likewise important to take good care of every components and parts in the air-conditioner system. Thus, you should still lubricate and grease up the different parts and components routinely with the goal that it doesn't make any obstruction that will result in poor performance. For this purpose, you have to understand the different parts in the system and handle them with care so that you could grease it up without any problem.

Aside from the things that we have talked about earlier, you should still perform routine checks around your air-conditioner system regularly. You ought to be cautious about the various parts and components when you are trying to perform the servicing on your own. You should contact an experienced servicing expert in the event you are stuck with the job or when you do not have the time to conduct the job thoroughly. In the event that the air-conditioning servicing is too troublesome or hard for you to carry out, do not worry. There are always reliable and trustable air-conditioning servicing in Singapore that will be able to provide you top-notch service.