Air-conditioning Servicing Workshop in Singapore

Workshop to showcase the best air-conditioning servicing in Singapore

Why Should I service My Aircon?

Air conditioners are indispensable home and office appliances. An aircon can cool the surroundings within minutes and remove moisture too. This provides instant comfort. You may wonder why aircon service is important. We have become so accustomed to using ACs that it is hard to imagine life without them. In providing us comfort, the air-con take a lot of hit from the environment, so aircon servicing is mandatory for optimal performance, especially for Singapore households. Regular servicing helps to keep your air-conditioning system in good condition.


Air-conditioning system are vital appliances for home and office. An aircon can cool the environmental within a short period of time and expel dampness as well. This gives moment cooling comfort. We have gotten so acquainted with utilizing air-conditioner that it is difficult to envision existence without them. In giving us comfort, the air-conditioner have contributed to global warming as well. Thus, aircon servicing is necessary to ensure better efficiency and optimal cooling performance.


Why is aircon servicing crucial?

A better-maintained and serviced air-conditioner work ideally and able to cool down the room easily with lower power consumption.

Small issues are able to be spot during servicing. This issues could worsen and may require costly fixes when it is neglected

Aircons lose performance and efficiency if not servicing is not carried our regularly


How often to get the aircon serviced?

It is significant that aircon servicing be performed by an expert in any event once every year. Individuals frequently ignore the need of regular aircon servicing as they feel the aircon is working fine. Howeverv, neglecting the need of servicing is a common mistake for everyone. Your air-conditioner unit works for quite a long time at once, where there is a build-up of dirt, dust. This residue cold accumulate on your air-conditioning units and result in several problems.



These are potential problems due to heavy accumulation of dirt:

1. Channels: When the air-conditioner are stifled with dust, wind channel are being blocked and result in reduce efficiency and cooling level as well.

2. Condenser: The condenser act as the heat exchange where the increase in dirt reduces the efficiency of heat exchange.

3. Evaporator Coil: This is of the most important part inside the air-conditioner system. With the air circulating around the air-conditioner, this is the means by which your room gets cooled. Dust and dirt would significantly influences the evaporators and effect the cooling.

The lack of regular aircon servicing implies losing cooling limit, cooling speed, and expanded force utilization.


Aircon servicing frequency

Your aircon may require require aircon servicing when it is being operate under hot and humid weather like in Singapore.


These are some of the factors that affect the frequency of aircon servicing in Singapore.

  • Usage: No. of hours operating the air-conditioner on a daily basis.
  • Temperature: Higher temperature increase the burden on air-conditioning system.
  • Environment: Moisture and downpour makes dry residue total and gets clingy
  • Age: As your aircon unit ages, it would require more care and maintenance as compared to newer ones.


In the event that the aircon is utilized numerous hours daily (suppose 12 – 15 hours), or the climate in your general vicinity is hotter. Singapore, for instance, has high rainfall and high temperature as well. Stickiness joined with heat makes the aircon works more diligently than expected. This requires regular aircon service and maintenance to keep the parts and system operating well. If it is neglected, aircon repair could be required and you may incur additional expenses.

Another natural factor is dampness. Residue amasses quicker in wet air than drier air and starts to build-up which will clog the air-conditioning system and channels. You may not see changes until the aircon loses a lot of effectiveness over time.

More seasoned units have more vulnerable parts with long usage over the years. They will experience problems such as breakdown if the units isn't being serviced for a long time.  

In such extremely hot conditions, you should have your aircon serviced each 3-4 months. This regular aircon servicing together with checks and inspections will keep the evaporator and condenser curls clean, and the aircon holds its cooling efficiency.